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Mar 31, 2021

“We have this fun work culture that people really want to be a part of.” ~Kerry Wekelo 

How Kerry Aligns Gratitude in her Financial Services Company

Kerry is the COO of Actualize Consulting, a financial services consulting firm specializing in capital markets and treasury, mortgage and fixed income, and culture. She...

Mar 24, 2021

“There is a fracture in the status quo that brings opportunity, hope, and new ideas.” ~Mark Schaefer 

What is The Cumulative Advantage? 

Mark Schaefer and I chat about the concept of his new book, The Cumulative Advantage, and how this idea applies to our daily personal and work life. “The cumulative advantage...

Mar 17, 2021

“People do business with people who they know, like, and trust.” ~Bob Poole

Earliest Studies on Human Behavior

The earliest recorded efforts to explain human behavior came from astrology, where astrologers explained behavior based on the alignment of certain planetary bodies in the heavens. Hippocrates devised the...

Mar 10, 2021

“The true value of a chaplain comes through in times of calm in order to address times of crisis. ” ~Peter Keady

Peter Keady: Photographer and Life Consultant

Peter Keady is a professional photographer with PK3 Photography and is currently a life coach consultant. His unique and varied background experiences have...

Mar 3, 2021

Dillon is the founder of Live for Another that organically came out of using kindness to get through life. “It’s almost like a mindfulness practice, but instead of meditating or journaling, we come up with ridiculous ideas in response to the things that are bothering us.”

In addition to Live for Another, he also...