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Mar 17, 2021

“People do business with people who they know, like, and trust.” ~Bob Poole

Earliest Studies on Human Behavior

The earliest recorded efforts to explain human behavior came from astrology, where astrologers explained behavior based on the alignment of certain planetary bodies in the heavens. Hippocrates devised the four temperaments to explain human behavior. In the ’20s, Dr. Carl Yung wrote the book Psychological Types, the most sophisticated human behavior book at that time. 

The Four Basic Personality Groups 

I’ve found that through my studies, many psychologists and others who look at human behavior usually come up with four primary groups of personality styles. Most people are a blend of styles, with one being dominant.

The Developing Human Brain

We develop certain brain parts more than others which predisposes us towards specific, predictable patterns of behavior. Other professionals say our personality is based on patterns. Over time, people’s nature turns into predictable behavior patterns, and you may know how someone will react to a specific set of stimuli from their personality pattern.

Listen in as we talk about how we can like and trust someone within minutes of meeting them, effectively communicating with another based on their personality style, and the four personality styles: driver, expressive, amiable, and analytic.