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Aug 6, 2021

In today’s episode of The Water Cooler Hangout, we get together with Len Ward to discuss the intricacies of marketing investment and how he helps his clients get an optimal return on investment. We talk with Len about how he departed from a successful career in finance to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, taking on a partnership role with an e-commerce startup in 2004. Len shares how he discovered his passion for marketing and founded the online marketing agency Rank Me SEO. Today he is the CEO and founder of Commexis, a marketing consulting firm that specializes in financial auditing, investment allocation, and reporting digital marketing campaigns. Len founded Commexis through his dedication to marketing investment and upon identifying a need for a company that solves digital marketing ROI challenges. Commexis teaches companies how to optimize their marketing investment in order to improve their return on investment. Tuning in you’ll hear Len break down his process with new clients and how his company helps to bridge the knowledge gaps within a company, especially between CEOs and CFOs. For all this and much more, join us today as we unpack marketing investment intelligence!